What is Intellectual Property? Webster’s coins it as legal monopolies over creations of the mind, both artistic and commercial. It is the ownership of your ideas, the culmination of your ingenuity and the value of your dreams. Our history is rich with intellectual property and from the conception of the wheel to the first flicker of electricity, we are dependent on IP of the past, and as we continually enter new stages of a technological world we are becoming even more dependent on the IP of our future. The rewards for properly managed IP are immeasurable, as every idea has the potential to change the world.

Innovator’s Warehouse was conceived after years of working deep in the trenches of the IP industry, experiencing first hand the struggles IP owners face. We realize your dream and recognize your hard work and are ready to treat your idea like it’s the one that will shape the future of our generation and the ones that follow. At the Warehouse, we offer the tools and know-how to help the world’s greatest resource reach its full potential. That resource is you, your creativity. Our goal is to maximize every single opportunity that owning IP offers its creator.

IW is an employee-owned company that realizes that the success we enjoy is based on the quality of the relationships with our clients, employees, vendors and surrounding community, and we look forward to watching those relationships grow and flourish. Our culture is based on a foundation of common sense, an organization built on the concept of “team” where every employee makes a difference. We have a clever, diverse staff of highly talented individuals hand picked from among the best in the industry, and each lends to a fantastic working environment. Each of us looks forward to growing and contributing to the success of this company, our clients and to an industry, which without the next big idea would cease to exist.

“Kenny Says” is a message from our fearless leader.


Step 1Amazing phone conversation with IW consultant where you realize that we really know our stuff.

box-2We’ll talk about your product/situation and come up with an awesome plan.

box-3We will present you with our proposal and we’ll come to an agreement on terms.

box-4IW writers, 20/20 Creative, and you will create a knock-your-socks-off ad campaign.

box-5You will get a chance to give us your input before approving the materials.

box-6IW crew will compile a customized list of potential licensees to target.

box-7We will send out marketing materials, contact companies and not take no for an answer.