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Steps to successfully licensing your patent

At the Warehouse you’ll find a common sense approach to marketing IP. We’re not going to pretend there are a bunch of unnecessary steps just to make you feel good about our approach. We’re not in the business of fortune telling or selling snake oil, things you don’t need. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter marketing and advertising approach, either. Not when it comes to your dreams. All projects and goals are different and personal and that is why we take a step back and start fresh with each client. We will develop a personalized plan with your goals in mind. We work for you with a common sense process approach and good old-fashioned hard work.

What’s the bottom line? We are not satisfied with the standard industry excuse of, “Sorry, we tried.” We know it’s difficult and that many more ideas fail than succeed, but we don’t accept a 99 percent failure rate either. We never will, which is why we were founded in the first place, and why we offer a blueprint for success that will initiate a new industry standard.

A successful blueprint is relatively simple. The best materials put in front of the right contacts combined with a determined and persistent effort to sell. All inside the Warehouse.

Product List | Warehouse Pricing

We are excited and feel empowered to have the chance to help entrepreneurs meet their ultimate goal of watching dreams turn into reality. We realize that a part-time effort spells failure and a full-time focused effort is what it takes to achieve your dreams of commercialization. We want to maximize your product’s potential and that is why we offer a full menu of services to meet all your marketing needs. Whether you choose an entire plan or items a la carte, all of our services singly or combined have been designed to give your product the best possible chance to succeed.

The Warehouse crew members are experts at identifying target markets and are ready to help navigate through your marketing challenges. The first step is the development of a world-class marketing campaign. The type which in the past has only been available to large corporations with big budgets to back it up. Not anymore. The warehouse philosophy is that every idea deserves a chance to live it up in the spotlight and that is why we provide world-class marketing collateral at a price point that’s not out of this world. We are committed to keeping our services within reach without sacrificing quality or customer service.

How do we do it? Big box stores buy at huge volumes to keep their prices low. IW has established strategic relationships with its vendors to buy in large volumes so we, too, can pass these savings on to you. Products include:

Marketing Materials: The warehouse has a creative team comprised of top IP industry writers, researchers and graphic artists who are dedicated to producing knock-your-socks-off prospectus, brochures, catalogs and more. Whatever you’re looking for or whatever you envision, we can create it. Our marketing materials contain:

  • Market observations
  • Product descriptions
  • Financial forecasts
  • Professional images

Online: Today more than ever it is important to get your product online and that is why the warehouse has an unbelievably talented and cool creative team to design websites and micro sites for your product. Having a web presence is critical but driving traffic to the page/site is necessary in order to find maximum benefit. IW will help you link in to the search engines and stay near the top through strategic search words and social networking links.

Business Plans: Our analysts, writers and researchers are available to help you compose a business plan to help you get the support and funding to launch your dream.

Database of Contacts: We have a lot of industry contacts responsible for licensing new products for their companies and we’ll use these contacts, and others we discover along the way, to get your product in front of the right people.

License/Sale Agreements and Contract Templates: We have the industry knowledge required to produce licensing and sale agreements that will ensure you get a phenomenal deal.

Additionally we offer the following services:

  • Cataloging and research
  • Telemarketing and follow up
  • Meetings, presentations and trade shows
  • Soliciting for distribution
  • Prototyping
  • Test marketing/canvassing
  • Contract negotiations
  • Product development

All of our products and services, singly or combined, have been designed to give your product the best possible chance to succeed. We’ll work tirelessly in our quest to find a great deal for you, your patent, your product, your business, your dream. The best part? You keep 100 percent of your royalties.

We offer a money back guarantee, so if you don’t like what you’re getting, you don’t pay. We’ll also match any competitor’s price and offer you non-exclusive agreements. So go ahead and give us a call, with these terms you have nothing to lose!