IW Making Connections

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I would like to take a moment and thank you and your company for the services that you have provided for me and my EasyClean duster product.

When you first create a product as an inventor and are looking for someone to help take it to market you are bombarded by companies promising many things.  It can be very confusing and I have appreciated your honest approach as an individual and also Innovators Warehouse business model to introduce products into the market place the most effective and economical way.  I think its every inventors fear to be taken for thousands of dollars and get nowhere and you have the inventor in mind.

As a result of working with IW, I am currently working with a company which has access to 50,000 retail stores and I am very excited about the possibility of getting my product in stores.  I would recommend your services to any new inventor with a product or idea to use your services there at Innovators Warehouse.

Best Regards,

Brett Thomas

Inventor-EasyClean Duster


“The best blind and shutter duster on the planet”