AC Cool Cover


Innovators Warehouse, along with inventor, Randy Herrington, introduces the Cool Cover, a patented invention available for licensing opportunities. Designed to blend in with surrounding buildings and environment, the Cool Cover provides an attractive means of camouflaging and protecting air conditioner units and other unsightly utilities, without impeding their functionality. Other specific advantages of the Cool Cover include:

  • Significantly reduces unit noise
  • Protects from weather and other damage
  • Keeps unit running efficiently
  • Keeps kids and pets safely away from units
  • Extends life of HVAC units
  • Easy to install, without any tools required
  • Adjustable in size
  • Locking slats provide extra stability

Made with high quality, weather-resistant materials, the Cool Cover remains beautiful for years. Modular in nature, the Cool Cover is designed to fit around virtually any sized AC unit, or any other outdoor eyesore (such as gas meters, pool pumps, propane tanks, trash cans, etc.). Though it was initially designed with a vinyl siding surface, the construction of the Cool Cover may be altered to reflect the design of the home where it will reside, ensuring a complementary look.

In use, the slats of the Cool Cover are locked into place and through a unique anchoring system the Cool Cover stays firmly in place. However; given its modular nature, it is easily accessible and / or moved when needed. Furthermore, there is plenty of space around the Cool Cover to allow for ease of grass trimming.

As a protective structure, the Cool Cover will appeal to a homeowner’s practical side, as it ensures the efficiency and longevity of AC units and other utilities. However, it will also appeal to homeowners’ desires to maintain a pristine curb appeal, which in turn will maintain or increase the value of their home.

At a time when homeowners are doing everything in their power to sustain the value of their homes through the current economic downturn, the Cool Cover arrives on the market with a practical functionality that will appeal to consumers nationwide, ensuring a tremendous return on investment for those with ownership rights to its patent.

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