Red Plastic Koozie

Olsen Red Plastic Koozie

Innovators Warehouse, along with inventor, Scott Olson, introduces the Red Plastic Koozie, a patent-pending invention available for licensing opportunities. Taller than traditional koozies, this proprietary design looks like a plastic cup, yet completely covers and insulates an entire 12 oz. can. As a result, drinks stay cooler, hands stay warmer and the label on the can is hidden from view.

Tailgaters and others at large public venues will be particularly pleased with this design, as it reduces the chance that they will be questioned by authorities about what they are drinking, regardless of how responsible their behavior may be. While the Red Plastic Koozie cannot evade open container laws entirely, it will make it easier for law enforcement to move on to those that they are obligated to cite; the obvious offenders, who are drinking out of beer cans with labels that are peaking over short koozies.

Though laws and penalties vary by state, possessing an open alcohol container in public is illegal for the vast majority of the country, leaving a large market of potential users who will appreciate its practical functionality. Furthermore, given its ideal surface area for imprinting logos and messages, the Red Plastic Koozie has tremendous potential in the promotional products industry. In addition, as it eliminates the need for the ubiquitous plastic cups found at outdoor events, the Red Plastic Koozie is an environmentally conscious solution for partiers nationwide.

Surprisingly, there is currently no product available in the marketplace with the same unique promotional appeal and functionality as the Red Plastic Koozie. Not only does this product provide a utilitarian means of holding a beverage can while drawing attention away from authorities, it provides a novel promotional opportunity that brings with it a great deal of potential revenue. Though the original design is intended as a recognizable Red Plastic Koozie, many variations are possible as the product line expands, including color and imprint customization. This flexibility in design provides sports teams at various levels a unique means of generating ticket sales and team spirit.

Beyond sports teams, the customizability of this product makes it ideal for promoting a vast array of products and events. As enthusiastic consumers generate excitement about the Red Plastic Koozie, sponsors of the related promotion will reap the rewards that result from increased product sales and/or game attendance, making it a highly sought after promotional product; ensuring a tremendous return on investment for those with ownership rights to its patent.

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