Testimonial: dropper stopper chic™

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The first smart decision I made was to join the United Inventors Association USA headed up by CEO, Mark Reyland. Although a free service, Mark’s mentorship, guidance and friendship was enough to make me what to upgrade to platinum status, which was worth every penny! Through my involvement with UIA, I was introduced to Kenny Durham of Innovators Warehouse.

Durham is not only knowledgeable and motivated but most importantly honest. He was able to let me know where my product was a fit and the best course of action I should take to grow my business. He and his staff are professional and have their customer’s best interests in mind. Kenny introduced my line to company that distributes to an impressive line up of retailers. They jumped at the chance to test out dropper stopper chic and I am eager to see where things go from here! I am grateful for his interest in my company and am so impressed with his ability to make things happen quickly. This new venture has strong potential and I am so grateful to Innovators Warehouse for this opportunity!

Many thanks Kenny!


Meredith LaMirande

Owner/Creator of dropper stopper chic™

Sister Chic, LLC